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abc2 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> there are children, real children, victimized in hideous ways. >> a man faces charges that he downloaded hundreds of files containing child pornography. >> helping those still struggling after sandy, the efforts underway for people living in chrisfield. >> a vote of no confident for an area police chief, the motivation behind the measure. first, tonight, arrest in harford county after cyber police track down a man with a virtual library of child porn. >> as jeff hager reports, maryland state police discovered hundreds of downloaded movies and dvds at the home in forest hill. >> the suspect may have thought he was operating from the privacy of his own home here on isaac's way in forest hill. when a trooper with the maryland state police computer crimes unit spotted child pornography offered on the
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internet, the trap was set. >> made contact, downloaded the files that were ultimately viewed and demmed to be child pornography. >> police traced the computer to this home, where the investigation quickly focused upon 25 year old nicholas cuker, his parents claim he is autistic. he claimed a friend viewed the porn months ear490 separate files depicting under age boys and some downloaded a week before the raid on the house. there is no evidence that he videotaped any children, police say downloading the files and sharing them, fuels the perverted practice. >> this activity contributes to the exploitation of children. there are children, whether in a third world country or united states who are being exploited
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sexually in this way. >> jeff hager, abc2 news. >> he faces four separate counts, he could face 30 years behind bars. virginia man who killed a towson university student in a drunken hit and run will spend five years in prison. he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and other charges following the death of matthew which which which he matthew. he will get five years of probation once he is released. three out of four members of the school police union in baltimore city have no confidence in their chief, no vote was taken last month, many of the types of votes have everything to do with paying benefits this doesn't. the union's labor negotiators say they have everything to do with how the department is run.
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>> that's not something to take lightly. when you see them, they are generally -- means in the police world that really had nothing left to lose. they just have to do something. >> specifics of the complaint are held close to the vest. the administration had no comment. both expected to meet this month. continuing our coverage of the water main break on charles street, a chunk of the street is shut down. north avenue, westbound, re- opened, people living in the area have water in they homes knocks estimate on when the main will be fully repaired. crews will be working and the clock in the coming days to fix it. >> i mean, our plan is to get this done as quickly as possible and knowing full well this is a major throughway for
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the loaders. we will be whacking around the clock, 24/7. >> the crews work tong main are coordinating with bge to make sure the lines are stable and secure. they will work on the water main, obviously this weekend. bad weather could set back the progress. >> we will see sunny skies like today. let's check this with meteorologist, mike masco, with a look at your first forecast. we are going to bring on 60s close to 70 as we round out the end of the weekend. 46 baltimore city. easton 46. we are coming off the daytime highs range between the 50ss chose to 60, out towards the west, you will see temperatures falling from the 40s in to the 30s for tonight , the shot downtown is beautiful. again, starting to cool down, our planner reflects that. cool, right around 46 at 8:00. right around 40, upper 30s for
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midnight. crisp morning at 37 degrees, blend of sunshine, and clouds. look at the warmth to the south. natural 60. way down towards the south, we will tap in to the mild air in memphis, 67 and 70 at the present time. soup storm sandy, spared most of maryland, people in chrisfield are struggling to return to normal to help out our neighbors to the east, they were stuffing buses, food, clothing and blankets were filed. in bringing in what they could to help including clothing. >> a lot of them are under water, they lost clothes, its getting colder, they are going to need coats and blankets. we had stuff left over we weren't using. they can help someone else. >> water taxi workers got new uniforms so the old ones included coats and weather gear are going to sandy victims in
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chrisfield. the donations are helping but there is a lot more work that needs to get done to get chrisfield in to the shape it was before super storm sandy. don harrison is on the shore now with the latest on the chrisfield recovery effort. >> if you have had a crab cake here, there is a chance it came from a picking house in chrisfield. they have done so much for the state, now may need a little help in return. two weeks after sandy, chrisfield is feeling the e effects from the flood, the biggest in the town's 140 year history. >> we have 250 families that are in the state of isolation. >> pj, says the winds left the town devastated. >> we have been through the storm of the century, for us, we have seen tides and winds, not so much winds i guess, we had winds i believe, i honestly believe over 90 miles an hour, we recorded them up to 80
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before we lost power. we had tides we had never seen before. >> with the devastation, a rebuild must follow. volunteers in big numbers, have stepped up. >> it reaffirms your faith in humanity to the fact that when people are in need, people who have come to help. >> businesses are hoping to be ready for the holidays. >> we will be ready for the public with all of the holiday merchandise and maybe they will need a little pick me up to get past the ugliness. not only have they had help from ball mow arrive here, but response from washington dc also. don harrison, abc2 news. if you would like to make a donation to the people in chrisfield affected, drop off items at golden ring travel on citation road. >> you may notice baltimore police spotting shiny cruisers tings department is getting 80
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cars to replace vehicles in the aging fleet. the mayor got to drive one of the new cruisers. the cruisers cost $2.3 million, they will go to offices in the northeast district. tax cuts set to expire december 31st and spending cuts set to kick in on january 1st. democrats want to extend cuts but the wealthiest americans, republicans want to extend for all. >> if we are serious about
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reducing the deficit, we have to combine spending cuts, with revenue. that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >> everyone wants to get the economy moving again, even everyone wants to get americans back to work again. raising tax rate will create the jobs that everyone says they want. >> the average household will see a tax increase of 3500 bucks if they can't reach an agreement. 4s has been dethroned, the galaxy s3 overtook the 4s. 18million galaxy phones shipped worldwide compared to 16.2 million iphone 4s'. iphone 4s sales dropped as everyone waited for the release of the iphone 5.
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hurricane sandy may have ruined their halloween celebration, local children got a do over today. second chance to trick or treat.
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happening now, through sunday,
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the 2012 water foul festival. wyatt everhart is on the go. he will bring us something back to decorate the office. >> a nice shot of a goose right here. >> i tell you, we have seen it all. we have seen it all here, jamie, i'm sorry, rosey, and joesey and rosey, we have seen it all here, art, we have seen just incredible sights here. 42nd near for this. long standing eastern shore, easton tradition at the water foul festival. this is jamie, jamie, you own the shore sports. we see it when we are driving to the beach. route 50. >> the big yellow sign. >> i see, you got the look going here. you are not hunting first hinge in the morning, are you? >> i'm taking a bunch of kids deer hunting tomorrow morning. it's cold outside. >> i saw that look in your eye.
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>> when they started this in 71, it used to coinside with the start of the goose hunt. things changed with the timing of the season. you have been six years involved with the festival. talk about your involvement. >> we do a bunch of of different things, set up at the pavilion, we come in, we sell clothing, hunting clothing for the general public, we do a bunch of other stuff as well, help participate in a calling contest and bring in transfer the farms through the festival. just stuff like that. we have been doing that for fife or six years ago well. >> it's an interesting thing. people come down here, probably from annapolis or baltimore area, maybe haven't been before. it's a new thing, the history with the dogs and shooting sports and the goose hunting p├▒everything else. it's something unique for them. >> if people like the outdoors,
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they can come see anything here. they have the new exhibit this year for the hunting exhibit. that's amazing. then, everything else, all the carvings, the sculptures, there is something here for everybody, if they like the outdoors, they would have a good time. >> all sportsman and marylanders love this, so many of the proceeds photo help the wildlife stay strong. >> most back in to the area, stays here, promotes hunting, fishing, conservation acts. >> we appreciate you, man. >> that's going to do it here from easton live. beautiful weather for the festival if i'm correct on that, right? now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> right, you are. let's get in to it. beautiful shot, mostly sunny skies today. the warming trend started in
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lorel this afternoon. got in to the 50s, on our way to the 60s. tomorrow a look at kent island, beautiful shot in kept island, today, -- kent island, chilly but warm in comparison to yesterday. beautiful shot. wow. in to the 60 mac 60 mark in to tomorrow. 60% humidity. up to 56 degrees for your afternoon high today, shade below 60 is where we should be this time of the year, we surpassed that over the next three days. 78 a record in 94. temperatures across the state. 47-48 towards frederick, 51 hagerstown, eastern shore. we are starting to talk temperatures milder, than where we were 1-2, 3 degrees above this time yesterday evening. we will maintain the 40s through the course of the evening, down to 40 midnight.
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a crisp, cool wake up, 37 on the way for 54 in to the lunchtime hour. what going on over the east coast, area of high pressure locked in, this is going to stay here for the next three days, keeping us bone dry and starting to warm us up. we will get a southerly wind kicking in. towards the west, we can thank this storm over montana, blizzard warnings over the rockys this is sending milds air from the gulf of mexico in our direction. that's with us in to the weekend and next week. 67 memphis. new orleans 68, that is the mile air that's on the move as we head in to the next couple of days. jet stream to the south right now. this moves toward the knot and the west. that will bring in the air through the weekend in to tuesday of next week before we see the pattern change to cooler conditions. blend of sunshine, clouds showing up on the future trend model through tomorrow afternoon. sunshine, rain supreme early as sunday morning and sunny skies through the day sunday as we go
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in to monday and tuesday. temperatures, our computer models showing 5860 tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in to the 40s in to saturday night and sunday, back up in to the 60s, approaching 70 degrees. towards the west, for tonight, 35 tawny town. westminster 34 to. the city, 40 degrees. here is your maryland's most accurate forecast, 2-degree guarantee, sunshine and clouds. tomorrow 43, not as chilly. here your seven-day forecast, 65 on veterans day. beautiful. 66 on mondays. get your car washed or car washed. down in to the 50 mark wednesday and thursday. wyatt everhart back at 11 with an update. tad is a very special day,
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it's miracle tie day in maryland, people across the state are wearing miracle ties to support patients. >> designers of ties are kids themselves. joseph a bank makes and sells the ties. one of the designers drew an apple with a worm in it. what inspired her. >> i was eating an apple and gummy worms while drawing the tie. >> the ties can be found at joseph a bank stores, they cost $79.50. the maryland irish festival is going on this weekend at the state fairgrounds at timonium. a pub at the festival is dedicated to officer tom ports, who was killed in the line of duty. the former co-workers want to honor him and the fallen police hear heroes. >> we will honor tommy forever
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at the festival. we are honoring all of the fallen police and firefighters. >> the proceeds from the pub will go to education. the pub will continue to carry the name but money will go to families of different fallen heroes from around the state. breast cancer patients in the community will be better served thanks to a new breast cancer center at johns hopkins. patients will have access to comprehensive care. all treatment needs will be under one roof. >> provides a tremendous amount of services to the patients. ultra sound, ultra biopsies, surgical, from the cancer surgery from the plastic surgery, and medical oncology, and we all provide them all everything in the facility. >> the center should make it easier for women to access all kinds of breast cancer
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services. halloween event for local children was interrupted by sandy. they got a second chance to have a good time. halloween in november, for 2500 kids today, downtown winchester at the nursing and rehabilitation center there. they showed up in costumes, trick or treating, scooby doo was there. hayrides, moon bounce and face painting, halloween activities, every child got to take a pumpkin home. got to love the balloons. we'll be right back.
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before we go, a look at what we are working on for 11:00. >> stymed criminal stories, we have a great one. who two robbers are accused of leaving behind at a recorded studio. >> you
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